Thursday, February 26, 2009

Valentine's Weekend!

Jason and I had a GREAT Valentine's Day this year! You must be thinking it involved roses and mushy love letters...but nay, this year it was about basketball and friends! Jason and I took our good friends, Tim and Jaya, to good ol' Waco to go to a Baylor Basketball game. The only weekend that worked out for all of us was Valentine's, and it was so fun!! Baylor played A&M...and we won! Good thing we went to this game because the other games before and after this one have been a big disappointment. What happened this season?? Thats a whole different story....But, the weekend with Tim and Jaya went like this. We ate big, juicy burgers at Kitoks, walked on Baylor campus, went to Dr. Pepper museum and devoured floats & shakes, then went to common grounds for more tasty treats, and then off to the basketball game! It was fun to be able to spend time with the Birdwell's because they are moving to Austin in May to plant a church, so our time with them is limited! We will miss them very much, but are excited for God's plans for them...which includes the arrival of a little baby girl in May, also! wahoo!! ok, here are some pics from the weekend!!

Tim and Jason at the Dr. Pepper Museum!

The Birdwell's...being Birdwells!

Jason and I


I thought Tim would want me to post this one...This is Tim and Jaya with Antwone Wright, who plays for the mavs! He was at the game because he played for A&M!

Anyways, thanks to the Birdwell's for coming to the game with us! Hopefully we can do it again some day!!

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Birdwells said...

I feel so special, we made it on your blog! We had a fabulous time with you guys! love you guys!