Monday, March 23, 2009

Almost April...

I can't believe March is soon coming to a close. it kind of freaks me out when I think about how fast this semester/2009 has flown by so far. I counted today...only 6 more weeks of one class and 7 more weeks of my other two. actually, when i type that out it seems a little longer, but thats ok. but im technically only done with 56% of my internship hours...yes, i calculated my hours into a percentage! i need get moving. only 200 or so more hours to go...that sounds depressing when i think of it like that. ok, well this section is boring...moving on.

this is just kind of a rambling blog today, but i mainly wanted to let everyone know that Jas is taking the civil service exam on Thursday morning! this is just the first major step in the Dallas fire department application process that is almost a year long ordeal. but please pray that he would do well! if he passes he moves on the next thingy...and we just want to move on through each process til he gets to be a fire fighter! thanks for praying! we will keep you posted!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


So I have been studying Revelation as I lead our girls time at small group. Here are some things God is teaching me...

Revelation starts off with letters to the angels of the 7 churches. The 7 letters to the churches are really neat & scary, but also beneficial to study as an individual and as a member of Christ's body. I know a lot of people are familiar with the letter to Laodicea and the idea of lukewarm water)and Jesus spitting you out)....but I thought John Piper's words on lukewarmness were penetrating and powerful.

"The essence of lukewarmness is the statement, "I need nothing." The lukewarm are spiritually self-satisfied. To find out whether you are among that number, don't look into your head to see if you think that you are needy; rather, look at your prayer life. It doesn't matter what we think in our head, the test of whether we are in bondage to spiritual self-satisfaction is how earnest and frequent and extended our prayers for change are. Do you seek the Lord earnestly and often in secret for deeper knowledge of Christ, for greater earnestness in prayer, for more boldness in witness, for sweeter joy in the Holy Spirit, for deeper sorrow for sin, for warmer compassion for the lost, for more divine power to love? Or is the coolness and perfunctoriness of your prayer life exhibit that you are spiritually self-satisfied and lukewarm? " (to see the whole article go to this link- )

That statement really got me thinking. I hope it stirs your heart as well.

One thing that I think really shows Gods character in all of these letters is that he gave warnings to the churches. He could have easily, with one flick of the wrist, blown them all to smithereens. But instead he gave his churches the chance to turn away from their sin and iniquity. He did not have to do this, but by his great mercy, he did. I love that character of the Lord....his great mercy. It really is great when we think about our sin and depravity. Anyways, hope this encourages you today. Have a happy monday!