Tuesday, December 20, 2011


so i realize that thanksgiving is over, but i never did a post about the things i am thankful for right now. it doesn't have to be thanksgiving time to warrant a post of the things i am thankful for, right? right. in fact, i should probably be cultivating a life a thanks more on a regular basis, so here it goes...

things i am thankful for in this season of life:

- roof over our heads
- Advent family time with hal and jas
- hallie's little breaths and heartbeats
- the smell of a real christmas tree
- food in the pantry
- deliriously laughing with j
- coffee and seasonal creamers (i.e. pumpkin spice and cinnamon sugar cookie)
- friends/family who desire to spend time with my baby!
- hallie's little smiles and screeches (i've determined these little screech noises is her form of laughter for the time being)
- a hard working husband
- a healthy baby
- God's pursuit of me
- new cars that aren't dysfunctional
- surprise engagements (welcome to the family, Alejandro!)
- free diapers from friends :)
- friends who persevere in Christ through difficult times....this encourages my faith.

what are you thankful for? it doesn't have to be "thanksgiving" or even the holidays to dwell on these things....

Monday, December 5, 2011

4 months!

baby girl turned 4 months on saturday! big girl! she is as cute as ever and every day with her is such a joy to us. she truly is a gift from God and i was just reflecting this morning how i should not take my days with her for granted, especially as i get closer to working part time in the near future (probably). she is so much fun and just smiles up a storm and makes the cutest coo'ing noises and squeaks you ever heard. her new thing is munching on her hands and standing on her little feet. and the other day she was just staring at her feet for the longest time and it looks like she's getting closer to munching on those little feet soon, too. she loves facing the world and observing everything and it seems like she enjoying less and less being held in the crook of my arm. sad...because this means she is getting bigger!

this thanksgiving was a first for hallie...a first thanksgiving, but also a first plane ride. she did great! i rode back from Georgia to Dallas by myself with her and she had 1 intense cry session that probably lasted 4 minutes or so and then she was out. and the Lord was so good to put me next to a sweet mom/grandma who, in the midst of hallie's crying sesh, just kept saying, "she's so sweet". thank you, lord! :)

at hallie's recent 4 month appointment she weighed 11 lbs 11 oz (20%) and 24 1/2 inches (60ish%). the doctor was pleased, so we will just keep doing what we're doing! :) she also handled her shots much better this time around i thought. she is a little trooper! here is our little love bug recently...