Monday, March 14, 2011


remember when I didn't blog for a really long time.... (you might be thinking, which time?), but it's mainly due to me and jas being preggers!!! these last 2 1/2 months haven't been my most energetic (not to mention the nausea) and blogging just wasn't on the agenda. but I did want to announce it on the blog that jas and i are expecting a little one on September 3rd! we are so thankful and grateful to God for this little life in me. i'ts crazy to think there are two heartbeats going on inside my body right now. but we are just praising God our Creator-the Creator to this little babe being knitted and formed in my womb.

Here are some photos below....the first two are from the night we found out, which was Dec 27th. i took a pregnancy test at a dairy queen in madisonville, tx when we were on our way home from from visiting my parents in houston. it went a little something like this-i had the pregnancy test...and couldnt wait anymore and of course a blizzard is always a good excuse to stop, right? a blzzard and a positive pregnancy test would be the best combo one could order at DQ! so i ran to the bathroom with the pregnancy test in hand (more like in my purse so it wouldn't be obvi to the post-church lunch DQ customers) and had to be super accurate with my one pregnancy test (TMI?) and quick...because there were two ladies waiting behind me! anyway, i did what i needed to do and then washed my hands trying to get out of the bathroom quickly and not really looking at it because in all honesty I really didn't think it was going to be positive. and then i glanced at it to throw it away and then ta-da! there it was...a little positive sign. so then im sort of dizzy and leave the bathroom thinking for sure my face would give it away to jason. and i met him in parking lot and told him the news! baby sudan on the way! we celebrated with a chocolate dipped cone (for Jas) and a butterfinger blizzard for prego. needless to say--who knew that DQ would be such a memorable place for us?!

the last photo is the sono pic from 10 weeks! our next sono will be the 19 week gender appt, which will be in about one month. we are so excited to find out the gender and give the little guy/girl a name!! if you ever think about us, please pray our baby. it has been my prayer thus far that this baby would be a light in the darkness...a light in a dark world that would shine and exude the love of Christ to all who know him/her. please pray this with us. thank you!! :)