Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Pancho Challenge

I talked to Alex, my wife, on the phone just before lunch and I told her I was craving Panchos and needed to make a Panchos stop. So, I did, off 183 East in Euless, TX. And I must say the 2nd time was just as good as the 1st
A few weeks back I issued the challenge to visit your local Panchos Mexican Buffet, fill your tray with tasty Mexican food and raise the flag.
So, I wanted to hear from you all that took my challenge and accomplished it. What did you think of Panchos Tasty Mexican Buffet? (I would add tasty in the title if it were my restaraunt)

For those not stepping up to the challenge, this is my encouragement, my nudge to do so.....and let me know.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Spurgeon on the Trinity

Over the past year I have heard many pastors encourage people to read books written by men who were dead. Authors such as C.S Lewis, Charles Spurgeon, Jonathan Edwards, Martin Luther, etc. A couple of months ago I was in my parents den looking through some of their books and I found "Spurgeon on the Holy Spirit", so I borrowed it and have been reading it for a month now. It is small (page number wise) but extremely thick (depth wise). In the 4th Chapter: Personality of the Holy Spirit, Spurgeon mentions the importance of the Trinity in the Gospel.
"A Gospel without the Trinity! It is a pyramid built upon its apex. A Gospel without the Trinity! It is a rope of sand that cannot hold together. A Gospel without the Trinity! Then, indeed, Satan can overturn it. But give me a Gospel with the Trinity, and the might of hell cannot prevail against it. No man can anymore overthrow it than a bubble could split a rock, or a feather break a mountain in two."

I will post more and more quotes, as I come upon them.