Saturday, September 18, 2010

Happy Birthday to.....SPUD!

That's right! today our little guy is 2 years old today! call me silly for being excited for his bday...I have no shame. It's not like im throwing him a birthday party with cake and ice cream...just remembering his little birthday. So here are some pics to celebrate Spud's two years! Go Spud- you're the cutest and cuddliest pup i've ever owned! seriously....he's a big cuddler. ok on to the pics.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Anni Pics!

soo jas and i celebrated our 3 year anniversary last month! we were actually in town this year for our anniversary, so that was nice. it was on a wednesday night, so wednesday i gave jas my presents and we went to dinner at breadwinner's...see photos below. they are in chronological order (which took me some time to do, cause blogger is weird and always uploads them backwards...moving forward). I made jas a photo album on shutterfly and it documented these last three years in photos. it was really fun to make and it was so fun to flip through it together and laugh and remember the last few years. i also asked jason's friend to write him an encouragement letter (words of affirmation is his love language, for sure) and he really enjoyed reading thank you to those him took the time to write him one! :) and jason's gift to me was some sweet letters and the promise that we could get a new mattress soon! woot! i've been asking for this...

then, that weekend jason had planned a night at a local bed and breakfast (i almost said bread and breakfast, ha) and we went out to dinner on sat night at grimaldi's for pizza and then went to la duni for some major sweetness. we should have only ordered one dessert, but we ordered two. check out the quattro leches cake... i coud barely finish half of it. but i highly recommend la duni for those of you out there who have a serious sweet tooth. anyway, we finished the evening by watching dear john back at the bed & breakfast...not that we really wanted to watch that movie, but it was all the redbox had. terrible movie...don't see it. so there you have it! our anni in a nut shell. here are the photos to document. jas and i are trying to be better about taking pictures....enjoy!

don't mind that authentic ethiopian spear in the background....where do you store something like that!?

cue corny solo pictures here.... its like we were back on our honeymoon.