Saturday, September 18, 2010

Happy Birthday to.....SPUD!

That's right! today our little guy is 2 years old today! call me silly for being excited for his bday...I have no shame. It's not like im throwing him a birthday party with cake and ice cream...just remembering his little birthday. So here are some pics to celebrate Spud's two years! Go Spud- you're the cutest and cuddliest pup i've ever owned! seriously....he's a big cuddler. ok on to the pics.


Maria said...

This is adorable! Spud is one of the all time cutest dogs EVER. Happy Birthday Spudling (my new nickname for him)

Him and Her said...

haha. i remember going to a dog's birthday party in college, they had ice cream for the dogs!
Happy Birthday Spud!!
ps i like your bedding

Rachel said...

time to have a baby.