Monday, February 16, 2009

Alex's Top 5 Ideal Travel Spots in the World

I love to dream about places in the world that I have never been to and may never have the chance to see in my lifetime. If I was a trust fund baby...then I would definitely use some of that money to travel the world. And ever since Jas and I got married, I love to think about how much fun we would have experiencing different people, sights, foods, languages...etc. So I have compiled a list of the top 5 places I want to go in my life. Who knows if we will actually set foot in any of these in the mean time I will dream.

-- Africa...anywhere in this continent, just get me to Africa in my lifetime.

-- Jerusalem...I really want to make this one happen.

-- The Patagonia in South America...hello hiking and beauty.

-- Rio de Janeiro, Brazil...the exoticness is calling me.

-- Turkey...its my favorite food. no, but seriously, I want to go here. i've been so close, but didn't quite make it over the Aegean Sea.

What are your top 5???


Christy said...

i don't know my top 5 - but i do want to go to jerusalem someday. i have always thought we should go there as a family when we are older. so let's make that one happen. i bet you will make it to africa one day too! hopefully all the rest as well but i say jerusalem and africa are a done deal!

Rachel said...

um Patagonia.. for SURE. Chilean side obviously.

Amy Marable said...

i think we should all go to jerusalem together as a family too! Patagonia looks beautiful, I have never seen a picture of it!

Melissa Rowe said...

i found your blog. YES!
i agree and would love to go to all the places you just named.
add on Florence, Italy.

oh and btw im not at group tonight (as you can tell by the time) simply put I am on day 7 of full time work w/ no day off, nor night off (due to TOO many extra activies) and still have 2 more days of this till Saturday. So, im sitting in tonight to rest & read.

ill be back next week! don't you worry.