Monday, November 16, 2009

the vamps come out at night...

OK, so this week is super busy (so much so that I should not be posting right now), but I had a friend (Brooke! shout out!) inform me that November is national blogging month apparently. And while I don't have time to blog every day, I am trying to blog more than normal...which still isn't saying much. OK, so I'm not going to post any recent photos today....but l do have some photos from BU homecoming and from a date Jas and I took to the Ft. Worth Zoo (thanks to home group!). Sooo watch out.

OK, so what I really want to say is that the 2nd installment from the Twilight saga, New Moon, comes out this week!!! I don't care how dorky this sounds, but I bought tickets 2 months ahead of time because CNN scared me into thinking that it was going to sell out way far in advance. So just to be safe....bought the tickets 2 months early, which is a little dramatic, I'll admit. Anyways, Jas, my sister, and I are going to the midnight showing on Thursday night!! I can't wait! I hope it is not a disappointment. Check it out!

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Laura Stiller said...

oh my gosh - I'm so jealous! I'm worried though that the trailer is going to be the best part of the entire movie - let me know how you like it. Did you ever finish all the books?