Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween 2009!

So this years Halloween was a bit of a flop...well sort of. Jason and I spent about an hour at a local thrift store trying to come up with some creative halloween costume ideas. We didn't want to spend a lot of money on a silly costume, but apparently we aren't very creative. We couldn't come up with any costume ideas. All I could come up with was me being Kimmy Gibbler (which someone actually told me I looked like her once....sweet...sense the sarcasm) and Jason was going to be Screech. So we bought some dorky clothes to attempt to be these characters...but honestly, we just weren't feeling it. Plus, the denim overall shorts outfit I bought barely fit me. So it just made me want to hit the gym instead of enjoy a fatty bag of halloween candy. So we ended up not using the clothes we bought (wasting money....always good for the budget) and didn't dress up. We went to a friends house to celebrate her birthday, which was really fun. So it wasn't actually a flop...just not very festive, which I am ok with.

Kimmy Gibbler- FAIL

Screech- FAIL

Even though we might have failed this year...Spud didn't! you bet your bottom dollar that Spud got a costume! This was his first time to dress up since we didn't get him last year until the end of November. So he was a mail man this halloween! Talk about cute...I mean, I know if you don't have a dog, you probably don't care...but seriously, you can't deny his little face. Wouldn't you want this guy to deliver your mail?? I think so...

look at his little mail man butt....

what a good sport!

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Elliott and Lindsay Drake said...

loved the post. made my night. miss yall.