Monday, October 6, 2008

my best friends wedding!

let me start off by showing you some of Ike's left overs in my home town. Jas and I went home(my home) this past weekend to visit my parents and to go to my best friends wedding. i took the pictures on a sail boat...because Ashley's wedding was on a sail boat, so i got a good view. please take note of the big yacht merged between these two houses. boy was that a sight. even though its been three weeks since the hurricane, its going to take a while to get things back to where they should be-aka: no boats in peoples yards. Also, i took a picture of the Aquarium restaurant--where Jas and I had our rehearsal dinner. it was flooded, but i heard that Kemah is working very hard to get the board walk up and running again. it will probably be a few months though. the depressing pictures are first, but then I am ending with the lovely, fun ones from Ashley and Kyle's wedding. it was at sunrise on a sailboat(with a pirates flag, argggh) in Kemah. we left the dock at 6:30 am. it will probably be the earliest wedding i've ever been to. but it was so special and i am so glad i was there! blessings to the newly united Evan's family!


Waco Sudans said...

I love reading your blogs. Those were some crazy pictures. Artie

The Carpenter Life said...

Love the pictures...I stole some for my blog since I didn't really take any! It was great getting to see you and meet Jason this past weekend!!