Thursday, October 16, 2008


hey, my back is slowly feeling very better! thanks for those who prayed. It still hurts when I twist, but hopefully that will eventually go away. ok, enough about the back...thats a boring topic, but i did like the pic I posted....a bearded stick man.

anyways, i just made chicken tetrazzini. i hope it turns out tastey. I have been enjoying my days off when i don't have school(i.e-today). thats usually when i attempt to make a good dinner. and then i can usually take the day slow and study leisurely. this will change next semester when i take 14 hours with an internship. i just found out i have been assigned to intern at Dallas Central Ministries. Check out their website. (, but i have to have an interview and after that it should be official...unless the interview goes horribly wrong. I am pretty excited about it though! i'm sure i will learn a lot.

well, i hope everyone has a nice "fall" day today! happy birthday to my little sister, Whitney! She turned 20 yesterday! weird....

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Laura said...

YEA! I'm a HUGH fan of CDM (Central Dallas Ministries) from way back in my inner-city ministry days and more recently from my days of working at Voice of Hope (an inner city ministry in West Dallas). You'll love it!