Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hi...I'm Alex, nice to meet you.

...This what usually can be heard at my annual family reunion...where I don't know very many people. Jason thinks its hilarious that I don't know many of relatives, BUT I don't see them but once a year...and sometimes I am not able to go to the reunion so I might not see this side of the family but once every two or three years. So this fourth of July, Jason and I headed down to Burnet (technically Llano/Bluffton), TX and re-met some cousins, swam, sat around, and ate alot of bbq. The 3 day weekend was much needed and really relaxing. Jason played "sea monster" with my 3 year old nephew the whole time...I'm pretty sure he likes Jason more than he likes me. Whatever, I'm OK with it. Here are some pics of the wonderful weekend...

Me and the sis!

me and jas!

my mom and sweet ashtin!

grumpy ashtin!


Christy said...

ashtin is so cute! that is a cool way to spell his name too!

Tamra said...

Next time pick a better picture of me.