Wednesday, November 16, 2011

life through iphone pictures...

if you have instagram or've probably already seen these, but that's ok. my sweet friends, Ashley and Katherine, came this past weekend. we've been friends since junior high and we've been through thick and thin, forreal. you can see these two lovely ladies in the photo below. what a blessing it is to have friends spend time and money to come visit me and my baby! i can't express how much i love them coming down and loving on hallie.

hi 6 am.

reppin' detroit...jason's favorite city. our sweet friend who lives there got hal this shirt.

dear friends.

obvi....2 of these were free! although i think my new sweets obsession is shifting from sprinkles to the chickfila peppermint chocolate chip milkshake. just as unhealthy :)

enjoying the pretty leaves on a walk...

good morning, big eyes!

don't make me nap, pleaseeeeeee


Katherine said...

i love y'all so much, i'm so glad i got to come visit...i can't wait 'til i can come again. i miss that little love bug and her momma already! xo, katherine

ellen said...

Hallie is awesome. AND, there is NOTHING like good, old friends who know you, and have been with you through thick and thin! You are blessed!