Friday, August 19, 2011

First Two Weeks of Life...

Little Hallie (pronounced Hallie with a short A-- like Halle Berry) has been such a joy these past two weeks! Sorry to neglect the blog, but learning how to care for an infant is pretty time consuming, I will say that! :) so here are just a few photos from her first two weeks of life. I have also been working on her birth story and I will post it when I am done. Not that yall are dying to read it, but really I just wanted to write it out for my own sake, so I don't forget the little details of that important day!

in her bassinet

sleeping beauty :)

EK and Hallie! so cute!

poppee and hallie!

her first bath!

little wet and soapy babies are the cutest!

tummy is good at implementing this with her

itty bitty hands

we've had such great support from friends and family!

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