Friday, May 6, 2011

the grandmother

my grandmother on my dad's side passed away last tuesday, the 26th of april. her name was malinda, but everyone called her lyndy. i get my middle name from her. after learning of her death, i was able to recount a plethora of fun memories with her. so i felt a blog was in order to honor her as my grandmother. i say grandmother because that's what she preferred to be called...and not just grandmother, but the grandmother. if you called her granny or grandma or any other name she would raise her hand and threaten to slap you. it's true. she was hilarious and feisty. i have a lot of fond memories with her from my childhood and i am grateful for that. her death was one that was "expected" (if you can really expect death) and she is in a much better place as she did know the lord. she had gone down hill and had not been herself for over a year...

i wanted to share some of my memories with the grandmother, so that you could get a glimpse of what it was like to be her granddaughter

-after taking baths at her house, she always powdered out hinnies(sp?) with baby powder
-her amazing chocolate cake
-coke floats at her house with vanilla bean ice cream
-the grandmother's smell...which some how infiltrated the left overs she sent you home with. you just have to experience this one on your own (which you can at my parents house because all of her stuff smells like her still)
-she shaved her legs every day (more often than i did or still do...not bad for an old lady!)
- her penciled in eyebrows
-her many night gowns that she put on at 4 pm because she went to be so early!
- her long nails that gave the best back scratches ever (don't joke with her that they are fake- she will retaliate!)
- back to school shopping and lunch at la madeline afterwards (and she would always give me a $5 bill just because)
- clinique make up for christmas every year (including the free gift and make up bag)
-sunday afternoons at the grandmother...naps on her couch

and those are just a few of the memories i have with her. she was awesome and i hope that i can pass on fun and meaningful memories to my grandchildren if the lord wills! we were able to attend her memorial service in houston this week and it was nice to see so many people come out and remember her life. thank you for her life, lord, and thank you that she is with you in a completely restored and renewed longer suffering!!

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ellen said...

What a wonderful grandmother, and how special our memories are! You will be a terrific mother and fun grandmother some day!!!