Wednesday, February 2, 2011

the civil wars

jason and i are suckers for girl/guy duo's...maybe it is because we secretly wish we could write songs and be a legit guy/girl duo. but we first got stuck on the swell season...saw them in concert a couple of years ago and we were hooked. now our new fave is the civil wars. i'd heard of their name before, but for whatever reason the name made me think they were some genre of music i wouldn't like. so i never tried them out. thankfully, jason's little sis suggested them and now (after one day) we are hooked! their new CD just came out yesterday- Barton Hollow. please enjoy this music video from you tube (it's from their previous EP). this song is beautiful...a great little tune to enjoy if you are stuck inside because of all this ice cold weather!

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Kyle Porter said...

CW are so legit. I write to them all the time. I actually had to pause Barton Hollow in iTunes to listen to this video. I think y'all could pull it off too, especially w/ Jason's borderline grotesque Adam Morrison-esque goatee thing.