Monday, November 1, 2010

Brooke Fraser

So, it's official...i love Brooke Fraser. I've always known this, but she came out with a new album on Oct 12th and can i just stay that it is the best, most genius album. every song is so good...the lyrics are deep and creative. and the sounds are whimsical. can you tell i liker her music? :) i love jamming to her songs in the car, in my office, getting ready in the morning. i love the album, too, because there are slow thoughtful songs and really fun upbeat ones...anyways, i wanted to share that if you don't have her album, you should go out (or get on i-tunes) and buy it. you won't regret it. you should buy it and support her...and not burn it. it's that good. worth every pretty penny. so enjoy the music video! also, i will be seeing her in person at the house of blues in dallas on november 12th...i'll keep you posted on how great the show is!!


ellen said...

I'm thinking you should be a music reviewer! And I love her too!

The Sudan Fam said...

why thank you, ellen. maybe i should investigate this idea as a part time gig...

Christy said...

oh my goodness!
i loved that song!
i feel like i have heard her name but i have never listened to any of her songs.
i might take your advice and get her album. maybe i should take a listen to yours first to get an idea of what it is like . . . i might be asking you for this!
thanks for the recommendation!