Monday, July 12, 2010

Pro Active??

So we've all seen the ads....Jenna Fischer (Pam from the office) & Jessica Simpson singing the praises of the acne treatment- Pro Active. my question is...does it REALLY work??i asked myself this same question freshman year of college, and guess what happened??? i got the worst acne ive ever had in my whole life. what?? so i didn't/don't believe you Jenna Fischer. But for whatever reason...i got the itch to try it again recently, so i bought it (they also promise a 100% money back guarantee). well, one week in and my face is itching like crazy. but is a pimple-free face worth it?? i havent decided yet. its not that i have severe acne or anything. i just get the random break outs. so i have taken a before and will take an after picture when im finished...just to document whether all these commercials are boloney. and i will send it in to get my money back if it doesn't work!! so here are the before pictures...and you can't even really see my zits, so its not a great "before" picture, but here i am no make-up and's to my experiment with Pro Active.

to be continued....


Tamra said...

If it's itching like crazy, you're allergic to it and you need to discontinue ASAP. Send it back.

Birdwells said...

You are HILIARIOUS!!! I cannot stop laughing at this post. :) Great experiment, can't wait to see/hear the results.
love you guys!

Brooke & Freeland said...

I saw your blog on Zach & Vanessa's! And before I read your post (and just saw the pictures) I thought.. "wow that stuff worked really well for her she has great skin" THEN I read it and saw thats your "before" picture! ha.

In summary: you have great skin! Just wanted to pass that along! Hope yall are doing well.

Loved reading your blog!

Susan Sausage said...

I agree with mom Al, esp if you broke out real bad after using it freshman year. Oh and your before pics are practically perf anyway! :)

Like a Lily said...

Hey crackhead.
you don't have zits.
at least not in this pretend "before picture."
I can show you zits.
(but i'd rather not).