Tuesday, June 15, 2010

finally employed!

thank you, Jesus!! i feel like i've been waiting for this moment for two years! don't get me wrong, i loved school...the learning, the flexible schedule, the internship experiences and so on. but i am so thankful to have a job and be a "professional" now! yesterday was my first day as an LMSW at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children! woot woot! this hospital is so neat and i am excited about the children and families i will be helping out there! this hospital will be 90 years old next year and no child or family has ever had to pay a bill for any of the services or surgeries performed! kind of hard to believe...especially when many of the customized prosthetic limbs for the kiddos cost thousands and thousands of dollars. anyways, i will keep you updated on this journey, but just wanted to praise God for a job, his provision, and new learning experiences! below is a really great video of the types of patients that are served at scottish rite...the little girl is SO cute!

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ellen said...

Hooray, a job! Congratulations on your job, and the hard work paying off! You and the kids will bless each other!