Friday, December 11, 2009

Happy 25th Sweet Al!

Well, today December 11th 2009 my wonderful wife turns 25 years old. What I really want to do is tell the whole world what a incredible woman I have married, what I want to do is pour courage into my wife, what I want to do is let her know that I am a better man because of her, I love God more deeply because of her. What I want to do is to tell of her incredible gifts, that of shepherding, befriending, studying, singing, loving, etc. What I want to do is speak of her beauty, not that of the outside (which no one can hold a candle too) but that of the heart. What I could do is go on and on about this woman. Spending four years of my life (2 married) with this woman would be satisfying enough yet it is just the beginning.
Safe to say, I am biased in my love for Alex. Therefore, I have gathered thoughts of Alex from her closest and dearest friends and family. So, lets hear what her friends and family think of her. Alex you are: sincere, hilarious, compassionate, real, inspirational, listener, lover, genuine, loving wife/daughter/sister/friend, mature, honest, authentic, loyal, trustworthy, friendly, faithful, etc and the list goes on.
Now, as a husband and best friend I could look at this list of characteristics of Alex and be as proud of her as any husband could be for his wife. Yet, none of those mean anything if it was not for a certain relationship. You see, the reason I love Alex so much, is because she does not seek out these many things, she seeks one thing. Alex has been captivated by the love of Jesus. Alex has seen her depravity, she has understood her wickedness, and found that no matter how hard she works at it; she could never earn the love of God. Thankfully, God in his goodness made a way, a way for sinners to be reconciled to the Father. You see if it were by works, Alex could find a lot to boast about in man’s eyes (the list above), but these good works do not cover her abundant sin. Praise God, that there is One, Jesus Christ, who took up humanity, yet still maintaining deity, bore the weight of sin for mankind on the cross, died and rose again, that we might not receive the punishment of God’s wrath, but if we believe that this act, this death and resurrection would wash our sins/filth as white as snow so that we could be seen as pure in the sight of God.
You see this is what Alex wants; this is what her life is about. Jesus. That is what her pursuit is and that is why I love her beyond measure. So, lets celebrate Alex’s life, her 25 years, and worship God for all that he has done and look forward to all He will do.
Alex, my sweet wife. I love you and am so thankful for you.


The Lacys said...

Happy Birthday Alex! we love every chance we get to spend time with you! Enjoy your day!

The Carpenter Life said...

that is so darn sweet!! What a post! Happy Birthday Alex!! Thanks for being such a great friend to my sis over the years!


Tamra said...

My Sweet Pea. I'm so proud of you!! Happy B-Day.