Monday, September 28, 2009

Washington...a month later.

I just wanted to post some of our photos from our Washington trip that we took in was over a month ago, but the photos are still pretty, so they still count, right? May I just reiterate that I love the state of Washington...Jas and I both do. From the pics, you will see why! enjoy!


Laura Stiller said...

AH - you're pictures are gorgeous! I LOVE the picture of the canoe on the water - so pretty. We're going to Tacoma next month - and your pics made me so much more excited just to be in WA!

Tiffany Dawn said...

pretty!! I LOVE WA! I was born there! Its fun how you guys all took pics and did the same stuff- but everyone's pics have a diff perspective!! :)
My fav is the one of you jumping off!! AWESOME! you should blow that one up! :)

Steven said...

Ah-mazing. Jason, highly recommend you keep the facial hair.