Tuesday, July 14, 2009

hi-yah OnGuard

What a difficult calling....love your wife as Christ loves the church? Husbands, we have quoted this verse time and time again, implemented it in our vows, and even tattooed it on our hearts, yet, do we really understand the depth and sacrifice of this calling? How serious are we taking the commands of God?
Marriage is a beautiful and sacred covenant, sought after and longed for by single men and women all over the world, especially among believers. Is it the sex, the love, the fellowship, the title, the safety, or the respect that draws people to this covenant? I know that many of those attributes really pulled me towards marriage. Now, being a seasoned veteran of marriage (not even 2 years) I have come to the realization that there is much more to marriage than the safe/happy list above. Another realization that I have recently faced is that, Christian marriage is under attack by the enemy. I believe that as husbands and wives we are in a constant battle for our marriages and the sanctity of marriage must be fought for....so be on-guard!
Why is that? When you break it down, what is marriage? I find from Scripture and from my 2 years of experience, marriage is complicated...it is more than living together, more than sex, more than happy lives together. Marriage is a relationship in which we must die daily to the selfishness and pride we are so accustomed too and lovingly serve and respect our spouse. No wonder this covenant is constantly under attack by the enemy, a relationship in which you are to put your spouses needs before yourself. A relationship that displays the gospel message (Christ's love for His bride, the church), a relationship in which this gospel message can be lived out daily by husbands and wives. Marriage can be a very powerful evangelical tool. When we exam Christ and His relationship and love for the church we see.....Christ forfeiting His throne in heaven for a short time to take on flesh and become like us. (spouses we must constantly be forfeiting our pleasures and comforts for the other)...Christ loves us while we our still sinners. (spouses- confess and forgive each others sins, spur one another on in love)....Christ prayed for us. (spouses pray for each other, fervently)...Christ came not to be served but to serve (spouses serve one another daily)...Christ pursues us (husbands pursue your bride, keep the flowers fresh and wives put courage into your husbands)...Christ leads us. (husbands lead your wives with wisdom and humility)...Christ has been faithful to us (spouses remain faithful to one another).
Marriage is beautiful, precious, powerful, yet daily under attack. As believers we must fight for the sanctity of marriage....be on-guard.



Waco Sudans said...

These words sound as though they come from someone who has been married 20+ years. I am just proud that I can say that I am the father of this man. We can all use these words to be better husbands.

Amy Marable said...

jason, what a great message on marriage. I am so thankful to have a brother like you. I love you so much!