Friday, May 29, 2009

Proud Wife

That's my hubby...being a cute uncle (to his new little niece, Emery). I must say that I am a proud wife. Jas has many characteristics that I admire and I just wanted to focus on one today that I have been thinking about lately. This characteristic is Jason's generosity. Jason is generous towards others in many ways-- with his time, with our money, with his giftings. I admire this about him and it challenges me, too. It's funny how often times our spouses giftings may be one of the other spouses weaknesses...and God uses that to challenge, sharpen, and teach us in marriage. I feel that sometimes I prefer to choose when I would like to be generous and what I don't want to. And it is often Jason's inclination to share generously with others. So I just wanted to throw that out there...brag on my man for a bit :)

Also, in other news-- Jas took his physical agility test this morning at 7 am and did great! The applicants are supposed to finish by 10 minutes and 20 seconds with no errors and Jas finished in 8 minutes and 12 seconds! We are excited to move on to the next phase of the fire fighting application process. We will continue to keep you guys posted on the journey.


Christy said...

he is a great husband - and brother :)
i do agree - sometimes our weakness can be our spouses strength and it challenges us and makes us more like Jesus together! so proud of jason today!

Steven said...

Woohoo!!! Just wanted to say congrats again on the agility test.