Monday, January 26, 2009

baby its cold outside

hello world! ***insert apology here for not having blogged lately*** life has been busy these days. so busy that i am now finding the time to my internship though. shhh, don't tell anyone.

hope you are all well and that the holidays was a great time to enjoy some time off, family, friends, etc. i know i did. and i have been thinking about how awesome my semester/schedule was last fall. i only had classes two days a week. now i have that, plus my field placement three days a week. im not complaining...but i dont think i realized how wonderful my schedule was last semester. i am excited though to learn and be out in the field more as opposed to just strictly classroom time. i know i blogged earlier that i had been placed at Central Dallas Ministries...but CDM is huge and they do so much, so more specifically I am working in a program called Destination Home. It is a housing program funded by HUD that provides permanent housing to chroincally homeless and disabled people. I am meeting some great people that are living in the properties here and I have a feeling that I am going to learn a great deal about homelessness. so i am excited about that aspect of it! i'll keep you posted on my learning process...

also, jas has officially applied to Dallas Fire Department and Mesquite FD. he is excited about getting this process started because he has known since July that he wanted to become a fire fighter...and now that application process has finally started! please pray that he will continue to excel through the process!

welp...i gotta run and hit up the grocery store. pantry's empty. stay warm today. drink a little hot chocolate and cozy up with your dog or loved one...or both!

happy monday!

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